My academic interests revolve around programming languages. More specifically, my interests include:

  • Programming languages in general, and functional programming languages in particular.

    My favorite programming languages are OCaml and Haskell, both functional languages. I’m also quite fond of Python for scripting and Rust for systems programming. I’m interested in many other languages as well; some languages I’ve had fun exploring recently are the J array programming language, the Julia language, and the Elixir language. I also like the Go language for some tasks. (This web site was made using Hugo, which is written in Go.)

    I’m always learning new languages as long as they have something interesting to offer!

  • Interactive theorem proving, especially using the Coq proof assistant.

  • Programming language implementation. This includes both interpreters and compilers.

  • The theoretical underpinnings of programming languages, including subjects such as type theory, operational semantics, among others.