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I'm Mike Vanier and this is my home page. I'm a computer scientist, computational neuroscientist and a hacker.

I work in the computer science department at Caltech, where I am both a Lecturer in Computer Science and an "Instructor". In my capacity as lecturer, I teach the following courses:

In my capacity as instructor, I help Caltechers (undergrads, grad students, and others in the Caltech community) with their computer-related course work, research projects, and personal projects.

Choose from the following action-packed list:

If you want me to write you a letter of recommendation, please read this page first.

Contact info:


California Institute of Technology
Mail code 305-16
Pasadena, CA 91125

(626) 395-3127

Mike Vanier (mvanier@cs.caltech.edu)
Last updated April 11, 2017