Yorie Nakahira

Location: Caltech, Pasadena, CA
Position: PhD Candidate in Computing + Mathematical Sciences
Advisor: John C. Doyle

Selected Publications

Yorie Nakahira, Yilin Mo. Attack-resilient H2, H-infinity, and L1 state estimator, Submitted to IEEE Transactions on Automatic Control. [Extended version]
Yorie Nakahira. LQ vs. l-infinity in controller design for systems with delay and quantization. IEEE 55rd Annual Conference on Decision and Control, 2016. [Short] [Full]
John Doyle, and Yorie Nakahira. Universal Laws and Architectures. 35th Chinese Control Conference, 2016.
Yorie Nakahira, Nikolai Matni, and John C. Doyle. Hard limits on robust control over delayed and quantized communication channels with applications to sensorimotor control. IEEE 54rd Annual Conference on Decision and Control, 2015.
Yorie Nakahira, and Yilin Mo. Dynamic state estimation in the presence of compromised sensory data. IEEE 54rd Annual Conference on Decision and Control, 2015.
Yorie Nakahira and Seungil You. A linear programming framework for networked control system design. 5th IFAC Workshop on Distributed Estimation and Control in Networked Systems, 2015.
Yorie Nakahira, and Minoru Nakayama. Computational model for probability prediction of scan paths in static scenes. Proceedings of the International Conference on Computer Vision Theory and Applications, 2012, 1, 427-430.
Zhao, Wei, Chaowei Wang, and Yorie Nakahira. Medical application on internet of things. IET International Conference on Communication Technology and Application, 2011.
Yorie Nakahira, Ryosuke Fukushima, and Hiroyuki Hachiya. Inter-code interference in acoustic image using a simultaneous transmission of M-sequence signals. Proceedings of the Acoustical Society of Japan, 2011, 1389-1390.


12/25/2015: Seminar at Tokyo Institute of Technology (Japan)
12/22/2015: Seminar at Tokyo University (Japan)
12/23/2015: Seminar at Huawei R&D (Hong Kong)
12/13-18/2015: Conference on Decision and Control 2015
12/1/2015: Seminar at Huntington Medical Research Institutes
11/9/2015: Seminar at University of Minnesota
8/28/2015: Seminar at University of Cambridge (UK)
7/30/2015: Seminar at Gatsby Computational Neuroscience Unit (UK)


CDS112 Control System Design (Winter 2016)