Travel support to QIP 2017 for US-based students and postdocs

photoThe NSF has awarded a grant to partially support the costs of traveling to and attending the QIP 2017 conference in Seattle for students and postdocs with substantial need. Grants will range up to approximately US$800, although the exact amount awarded may vary depending on the number and needs of successful applicants.

To apply for funding, applicants should send an email to email by November 9th, 2016 including the following information in the body of the email:
Preference will be given to applicants satisfying the following criteria:

Applicants to receive the award will be selected by a committee comprised of Sevag Gharibian (Virginia Commonwealth University), Krysta Svore (MSR, QIP 2017 local chair), Barbara Terhal (RWTH Aachen, QIP 2018 local chair) and Thomas Vidick (Caltech).

Important notes to applicants: