Peter Schröder

Peter Schröder Professor of Computer Science and Applied and Computational Mathematics, California Institute of Technology (bio), Director of the Multi-Res Modeling Group.

Contact Info:
Caltech, MS 305-16
1200 E. California Blvd.

Pasadena, CA 91125
Fax: 626.792.4257
Vox: 626.395.4269
Office:Annenberg 306

Classes Topics in Geometric Modeling (CS 274b, winter quarter, 1995/96)
3D Photography (CS 274c, EE/CNS 148, spring quarter, 1996/97/98)
Computer Graphics Lab (CS 174a/b/c, 1996-97)
Algorithms (1999/2000)

Research Interests My main interest right now is in multiresolution methods. Much of this has been happening under the headline of wavelets, but we are generalizing the ideas more and more, so whether it should still be called wavelets is up to debate. Find out more about the research I direct on the web pages of the Multi-Res Modeling Group. Also be sure to check out the web pages of the Multiresolution Simulation and Engineering Design project which I lead (well, with four other faculty on it...).

Publications All publications can be accessed through the Multi-Res Modeling Group publications page.

Our work is supported by NSF, DesignWorks/USA, Pixar, Alias|Wavefront, and the Packard Foundation.

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