Houman Owhadi

Professor of Applied & Computational Mathematics and Control & Dynamical Systems
MC 9-94

California Institute of Technology
1200 E. California Blvd.
Pasadena, CA 91125


Phone: (626) 395 4547

Fax: (626) 578-0124


Office Location: 201 Steele House


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Administrative Assistants

Sydney Garstang and Carmen Sirois

Office Location: 102 Steele House
Tel: (626) 395-4555 and (626)-395-4561
Fax: (626) 578-0124
Email:  sydney@caltech.edu and  carmens@caltech.edu





·         AFOSR

·         DARPA

·         NSF

·         UTRC 

·         NNSA ( Predictive Science Academic Alliance Program)    

·         DOE/LANL (Exascale Co-Design Center for Materials in Extreme Environments)


Movies and Simulations

·         Numerical Homogenization

o    Numerical Homogenization with the Energy Matching Principle: Coarse-graining of a Virtual Liver

o    Numerical Homogenization of the wave equation with localized bases.

o    Numerical Homogenization of the wave equation with harmonic coordinates.

o    Numerical Homogenization of parabolic equations with caloric coordinates (with a continuum of scales in space and a time).

·         Flow averaging Integrators and Stochastic Mechanical Systems.

o    Inverted pendulum Propane molecule

o    Stochastic Magnetic Motor see also youtube playlist

·         Uncertainty Quantification

o    Caltech PSAAP Channel.

o    If you had access to the ultimate computer which problem would you try to solve?  (or why a well posed UQ problem/question is important) (replace ``the answer to life'' by ``the answer to UQ'', ``deep thought'' by ``petascale'' or ``exascale computer'',  and 42 by 0.42). For more see arXiv:1009.0679


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