GNU shogi: Japanese chess

This page is the official home page for GNU shogi, a program for Unix systems that plays Shogi (Japanese chess). The current maintainer is me, Mike Vanier.

GNU shogi 1.3.2 has been released!

This is a maintenance release which makes it possible to compile GNU shogi without problems on modern Linux systems, and includes much better bitmaps for the pieces if you are playing the large size board (which is recommended). The release can be downloaded here in gzipped tarfile format. I invite you to compile and run it and give me your feedback. Compilation should be fairly straightforward for anyone who is used to compiling programs on Unix platforms. I strongly recommend that you also have (at least) GNU gcc/g++ and GNU make available for the compilation process. GNU flex and bison are also recommended for xshogi, the current X interface to gnushogi. All of these GNU programs are available from If you're running Linux (which is highly recommended :-) these programs should already be present on your system, so you can start compiling gnushogi immediately.

You can read the GNU shogi documentation online. It is included in the 1.3.2 release, in HTML, PostScript and GNU info format.

For more information on shogi, go to Pieter Stouten's shogi page, which has links to essentially all shogi-related material on the internet. Many thanks to Pieter for providing this service!
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