Mathieu Desbrun



circa 2003, photo by Santiago Lombeyda

Carl F. Braun Professor in Computing & Mathematical Sciences
Dept of Computing & Mathematical Sciences
MS 305-16
California Institute of Technology
1200 E. California Boulevard
Pasadena, CA 91125
Tel : (626) 395 6230
Fax : (626) 792 4257
Assistant:  Sheila Shull,, (626) 395 4560










Head of the Applied Geometry lab

Our lab focuses on applying discrete differential geometry to a wide range of fields and applications. In particular, we approach computations from a geometric standpoint in order to provide differential, yet readily-discretizable computational foundations. Our efforts include:

·   Discrete Exterior Calculus: providing the means to handle basic computations without violating the symmetries and invariants that differential modeling leverages for predictive purposes.

·   Simulation techniques: from Computational Fluid Dynamics (variational methods for fluid dynamics) to Discrete Elasticity (thin shells and deformable objects), etc.

·   Meshing: 2D and 3D sampling, meshing, and remeshing for accurate simulations.

·   Graphics: surface modeling via mesh processing, compression, animation, etc…


Current members: Dzhelil Rufat, Melissa Yeung, Max Budninskiy, Beibei Liu.







Founding chair of Computing + Mathematical Sciences department


The Computing + Mathematical Sciences (CMS) department is home to outstanding students and researchers who share a passion for science and engineering, as well as a drive to investigate the most challenging, fundamental problems in computation. We cover applied mathematics, control & dynamical systems, and computer science.






Research Community Involvement, Past and Present

Former Technical Papers chair, ACM SIGGRAPH 2018; director of the Information Science & Technology initiative at Caltech; associate Editor of the ACM Transaction on Graphics journal; program committee member for the ACM SIGGRAPH conference and other international symposia; chair of the Symposium of Computer Animation and the Symposium on Geometry Processing; review panelist for NSF and DOE programs; reviewers in various computational science and computer science journals.








Our current collaborators include:

Jin Huang

Pierre Alliez

Yiying Tong

Fernando de Goes

Santiago Lombeyda

Other past and present collaborators include:

Eva Kanso

Jerrold E. Marsden

Peter Schröder

Alan H. Barr

Eitan Grinspun






We wish to acknowledge the generous and constant support of:

·   The Carl F. Braun chair endowment at Caltech

·   Federal funding: National Science Foundation, Department of Energy.

·   Funding from Foundations: Okawa Foundation, Gordon & Betty Moore Foundation.

·   Corporate funding: Pixar Animation Studios, Disney Animation Studios, NVidia, Microsoft Research.


We also acknowledge the INRIA for an International Chair in the TITANE group (2014-2019).