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I graduated in June 2013, so this page is no longer maintained. In particular, my contact information has changed and some of the linked code and papers have been updated. Please redirect to for more up-to-date information.
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I graduated from the Applied and Computational Mathematics Department (ACM) at CalTech in Spring 2013 with a PhD in applied mathematics. My thesis is (not so originally) entitled "Topics in Randomized Numerical Linear Algebra." In it, I provide guarantees on the quality of two classes of randomized low-rank matrix approximation algorithms, analyzed the errors of randomized matrix sparsification schemes, and extended the matrix Laplace transform framework of Ahlswede--Winter to produce eigenvalue tail bounds for all eigenvalues of a sum of appropriate random matrices. My PhD advisor was Joel Tropp. I received my undergraduate degrees (EE and Math) from the University of Houston.



I am interested in computational and statistical applications of probability and functional analysis.



Last updated June 4, 2013