Donnie Pinkston - Caltech Computer Science

Welcome to my Caltech CMS homepage. I am a lecturer, teaching the following courses:

I also wrote and administer the csman homework submission system that we use for CS1, CS4, and CS11. (I wrote it in Django, which is my favorite web framework for when I have to throw together complex websites all by myself.)

I work with Mike Vanier, the other lecturer in the CS department. He has a lot of interests, just like me.


Since 2005 I have been working on NanoDB, an instructional relational database implementation written in Java, which we use in CS122 and CS123. NanoDB uses SQL for DDL and DML operations. It has basic support for B+ trees, transactions, and a few other nifty features. It has continued to grow in complexity as students have made contributions to the codebase over the years. If you are interested in considering NanoDB for use in a database course or project, please let me know.

Course Materials

Students frequently request access to the materials from the various courses I teach, so here they are:



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