Sep. 30 Introduction to CS/EE181 and VLSI
Oct. 2 Transistors, CMOS, and layout
Oct. 7 magic tutorial session (in lab)
Oct. 9 Boolean logic and transistor networks
Oct. 14 Logic minimization
Oct. 16 Clocks, timing, registers
Oct. 21 Precharge logic, domino logic, charge sharing, FSMs
Oct. 23 Computer arithmetic---Addition, subtraction
Oct. 28 Shifting, multiplication
Oct. 30 Putting it all together---planning a project
Nov. 4 Transistor physics
Nov. 6 Circuit performance, tau model (project proposals due)
Nov. 11 More circuit performance
Nov. 13 Scaling and short-channel effects
Nov. 18 Power versus speed
Nov. 20 Metastability
Nov. 25 Wires
Nov. 27 Thanksgiving holiday
Dec. 2
Dec. 4Final project layout and report due