Adaptive, multiresolution representation of a machine part; with exactly resolved features (edges, corners); top: 5% error; middle: 1% error; finest level mesh
CS 175: Topics in Geometric Modeling

This course covers classical approaches to (and recent advances in) geometric modeling for computer-aided geometric design and graphics applications.


  • classic splines - theory and practice 
    • Bernstein Bezier form, de Casteljau algorithm, knot insertion, polar forms and blossoming, degree elevation
  • subdivision surfaces
    • Chaikin's algorithm, subdivision schemes of Loop, Catmull-Clark, and Butterfly

We shall study the underlying mathematical theory and explore implementation techniques for efficient algorithms.

9 units (3-3-3); third term. 

Prerequisite: permission of instructor 

Instructor: Prof. Peter Schröder
TA: Ilja Friedel (x6846)
Jorgensen 160f
Office hours: Mon., 8pm
Time and Place: Mon. and Wed. 10:30am - 12:00pm
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