• The Amazon Empire, an interview in Chinese [Link]

    September 2017

  • O`Reilly podcast: Deep learning that's easy to implement and easy to scale [Link]

    June 2017

  • Yourstory: Story of Anima Anandkumar, the machine learning guru powering Amazon AI [Link]

    May 2017

  • Amazon AWS AI Blogs:In the Research Spotlight: Anima Anandkumar [Link]

    May 2017

  • ML Conference: Interview with Anima Anandkumar [Link]

    Nov. 2016

  • The Forbes Post [Link]

    April 2016

  • The Quora Session [Link]

    March 2016

  • The Huffington Post [Link]

    March 2016

  • Interview with David Beyer [Link]

    March 2016

  • MLconf Industry Impact Student Research Award:Furong Huang [Link]

    Feb 2016

  • Google Research Awards [Link]

    Feb 2016

  • NIPS2015 workshop on Non-convex Optimization post [Link]

    Jan 2016

  • Tensor Methods in Machine Learning [Link]

    Dec 2015

  • IITGLC 2015 Interview [Link] [Link]

    Aug 2015

  • O`Reilly podcast [Link]

    May 2015

  • Machine Learning Exploits Big Data (On Benefunder) [Link]

    April 2015

  • Let's build open source tensor libraries for data science (OReilly Radar article) [Link]

    March 2015

  • Ryan Adams talks about tensor methods on his podcast [Link]

    Feb 2015

  • AFOSR Awards Grants (YIP) 2015 [Link]

    Arlington, Jan 2015

  • The Learning Machine [Link]

    International Innovation, Dec 2014

  • Anandkumar Receives Early-Career Sloan Research Fellowship for her Work in Machine Learning. [Link]

    Feb 2014

  • Awarded Azure resources for research [Link]

    Microsoft Research Connections, Nov 2013

  • Microsoft Research Names Anima Anandkumar a Faculty Fellow [UCI Link] [MSR Link]

    Microsoft Research Connections, Jun 2013

  • CPCC Member Receives an NSF CAREER Award [Link]

    Division of Computer and Communication Foundations of the National Science Foundation (NSF), 2013

  • Research on sizing samples featured in MIT news and then posted on ACM Technews and KDnuggets

    Aug 2010

  • IBM Fran Allen PhD Fellowship 2009 [Cornell news]

    Dec 2008