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Queueing Network Games

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Queueing theory has long served as a fundamental tool for understanding the dynamics of systems from computer networks, to production systems, to airline scheduling, and beyond. However, traditional results view customer behavior as an exogenous parameter, unaffected by the details of the model, and thus cannot capture the impact of pricing and competition within the models.

On the other hand, in recent years game theoretic techniques have been applied to the same range of problems in order to characterize the impact of customer behavior/reactions. However, using game theoretic techniques alone ignores the queueing dynamics inherent in these applications, e.g. networking.

So, there is a mutual need for studying the interactions of game theory and queueing models. Our goal in this reading group is to quickly ramp up on the known literature combining game theory and queueing and then to develop and study new models in this area. To do this, we will work through the best (and only) book on the topic along with a number of important papers in the area.


Group Meetings

Thursday, 12-2pm, 287 Jorg.
We will be keeping the 12-2pm time slot since we had such good attendance. If you must leave early, that is fine since we will often finish early.


Adam Wierman, 258 Jorg
Jason Marden, 335 Moore

Assumed Background

During our first few meetings we will go over the necessary background material from both queueing theory and game theory so that any interested people should be able to quickly pick up the necessary background.

Main Text

To queue or not to queue, Rafael Hassin and Moshe Haviv
The first 5 chapters are available online
The library will also have a few copies on reserve for the group.






Oct 18

Queueing theory primer


Oct 25

Game theory primer & a first queueing game

Chapter 1


Nov 1

Naor's model & games on observable queues

Chapter 2


Nov 8

Continuing observable queueing games and starting on unobservable games

Chapters 2-3


Nov 15

Techniques and results from congestion games

The last 5 papers in the "interesting papers" list


Nov 22


Nov 29

Congestion games with queueing cost functions

1-2pm today


Dec 5

Equilibrium Purchasing Behavior When Operational Outcomes Impact Consumer Utility

10:30-11:30am, Powell-Booth 100

Laurens Debo, Tepper School of Business, CMU

Dec 6

Priorities in observable and unobservable queues

Chapter 4


People in the Area (i.e. where to look for papers)

Relevant Bibliographies

Interesting Papers

Queueing & Scheduling Books

Game Theory Books